Hall of Famer makes the grade!


Meet The Stars Baseball Banquet


Old Dominion University


Johnny Bench
Baseball Hall of Fame, Cincinnati Red

Expectations / Goals

To sell seats at the banquet to help raise funds for the ODU baseball program. Each year they try to get more sponsors than the last year

Event Overview

ODU sold more seats and picked up more sponsors than last year. Everyone was very excited to see Johnny Bench.


The people who attended were on the edge of their seat with every word Johnny Bench said. He was very well spoken, courteous and spent extra time with VIP sponsors.


“Mr. Bench was a great guest. He made sure everyone received a photo or autograph and had some great baseball stories.”


“CPS was right on when they suggested I would love this event. Everyone who attended was very knowledgable on baseball fans and really love and respect the game.”

Lessons Learned

Start Q&A Session earlier in the evening so we don’t have to cut off people with questions due to time restraints

Future Recommendations

Make a list of the first names of all VIP sponsors and have athlete personalize a signed program for each one