CBS Soap Star and daytime hunk not the typical storyline!


Calgary Woman’s Show


Canwest Productions


Jeff Branson, Star of “The Young & The Restless”

Expectations / Goals

Attract women 25-45 years old into the trade show so they can be exposed and learn about the different vendor’s products and services

Event Overview

They had one of their largest turnouts; The people that came were mostly women, 25-45, the target market they were hoping for


The vendors who set up their products and services were ecstatic, thrilled with the promoters because of all the exposure they received to present and future clients


“CPS hit the nail on the head! We had our ideal audience and the celebrity they suggested was an awesome draw and a perfect gentleman!”


“What a time! What could be bad about a couple thousand women wanting to take a photo with you? A great ego boost.”

Lessons Learned

They could spend more time taking photos because the Q&A session questions were repetative

Future Recommendations

Have the celebrity pre-sign 100 photos to pass out to people who get to the event later or not at all because of sickness or weather