From the bullpen to the lot… a seventh inning stretch with a New York Yankee legend…


Meet The Yankee–Sparky Lyle


Vision Automotive


Sparky Lyle

Cy Young Award Winner 1977 – 2 Time World Series Winner

Expectations / Goals

Draw people into Dealership in hopes of getting them to test drive cars

Event Overview

People who visited the Dealership had a chance to meet with Sparky and while they waited in line they were exposed to new products


The Dealership was filled with potential car buyers. They had more than 50 test drives and sold double the cars than on a usual Saturday


“Everyone enjoyed meeting with Sparky and enjoyed their time at the dealership.”


“I enjoyed working with CPS. Everything was well organized. Everyone at the event behaved very well.”

Lessons Learned

CPS suggested and produced photos of the athlete with our Dealership Corporate Logo and website that we passed out so everyone had something of value to get signed

Future Recommendations

Having the athlete pre-sign a dozen baseballs to pass out for future events and/or contests