Celebrity Placement Marketing is thrilled to share our new innovative approaches to engaging customers amidst this new frontier.

CPM has launched VCA - Virtual Celebrity Appearances - in an effort to embrace the new normal and make celebrity appearances as safe, effective, and affordable as ever before.

Virtual Celebrity Appearances Features & Benefits

  • Exciting Live Appearances With Virtual Celebrities in ANY Location
  • Stream Interactive Celebrity Demonstrations & Clinics
  • Combine In-Person & Remote Participation In Real Time
  • Hold Panel Sessions With Multiple Remote Participants
  • Offer Remote Personal Meet & Greets With Celebrity
  • Create Personal Fan Photo Opportunities With Celebrity
  • Host Interactive Question & Answer Sessions Between Fans & The Star
  • Have Simultaneous Appearances at Multiple Locations
  • ZERO Travel Costs
  • Elimate Exposure to Viral Pandemic
  • Ensure Public Health & Safety
  • Eliminate travel concerns like border restrictions, visas, & quarantine
  • Generate Revenue Creatively
  • Reduce Celebrity Scheduling Conflicts

Introducing: Virtual Celebrity Appearances

Now that the challenging weeks and months are largely behind us, we’re optimistic about getting back to work and forming connections in new and meaningful ways.  Celebrity Placement Marketing is thrilled to share our new innovative approaches to engaging customers amidst this new frontier.  CPM has launched VCA- Virtual Celebrity Appearances in an effort to embrace the new normal and make celebrity appearances as safe, effective and affordable as ever before.  CPM has always been your go-to for crowd generation and buzz building so we couldn’t be more excited for VCA to take our approach to a whole new level in 2020.  

These difficult times have given us the chance to shift our mindsets and rethink the entire event planning process in order to help businesses thrive in this new environment.  That’s right, VCA is turning these lemons into lemonade. We will assist you in maximizing engagement by creating unique virtual experiences that are both exciting and responsible.

We understand that this is uncharted water, but be assured we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Our team can ensure a flawless turn-key execution of virtual experiences across the country. 

We have designed several virtual format options, as well as several innovative ways to increase revenue during these unprecedented times.


Virtual Celebrity Appearances offers an exciting new way for celebrities, athletes, speakers, influencers, politicians, and executives to engage with an audience using holographic virtual appearance technology.

What is a Holographic Image

A holographic image is a live digital 3D video representation of a person or object that is captured in one location and presented in another location at the same time. The 3D video image of the person against a black or green screen background is captured with a high-resolution camera. The digital signal containing that video image is transmitted over the internet or by satellite to another location anywhere on the planet. The live image is presented on stage to an audience in that remote location, or in multiple remote locations simultaneously.

The holographic image can talk and engage interactively and seamlessly with live persons or audience members at the presentation location. Audience members could engage in a conversation or meet and greet session and have a high-quality picture or phone camera video taken of them with the holographic image. Computer software can allow the holographic image of a person to be combined with images of products or inserted into other videos.


Are you open now and looking for ways to entice customers to venture out? A portable video wall is the perfect solution! Envision a giant screen set up at your establishment.  Now picture that screen coming alive and hosting an interactive meet and greet opportunity for your guests with their favorite celebs.

At each event, the celebrity will get the crowd excited! They will share stories, talk about their shows and movies, maybe even sing!  Social distancing rules can be easily kept while attendees line up six feet apart for their turn to interact with the celebrity, take selfies or videos, ask questions, etc.  Photos will be sent to the celebrity for signing prior to the event and returned to you for attendees. An emcee will be assigned in advance as well to ensure a seamless process. VIP experiences are also available for private groups in other ways.

Additionally, these events offer up a great opportunity for you to offer coupons, discounts, product samples and additional incentives.


Are you closed but looking for ways to engage with your community and encourage customers to utilize your online services?  Host a virtual celebrity appearance on Zoom or a similar platform.

An event login code can be distributed to customers who spend a predetermined amount leading up to the event date. The celebrity will share stories, talk about their shows and movies, sing, dance - the sky's the limit!

A moderator will be assigned in advance and will allow each attendee an allotted amount of time to greet the celebrity one-on-one. Pre-signed celebrity photos will be provided to you for emailing at the conclusion of the event. In addition to the photo, “welcome back” offers can also be sent electronically to the attendees that include coupons, discounts and additional incentives.