Raise awareness, sell tickets and generate publicity with Emmy nominated actor and environmentalist…


Akron Home & Flower Show


HBA Akron Home & Flower Show


Ed Begley Jr.

Expectations / Goals

Increase attendance at the show and educate the patrons on sustainability

Event Overview

Celebrity provided two 45 minute presentations on “Live Simply So That Others Can Simple Live,” each followed by a Q&A and Meet and Greet session


The show had increased attendance the day of Mr. Begley’s appearance


“CPS did a wonderful job in not only recommending Ed Begley Jr. as the perfect choice to meet our goals but was great on following through on details. Mr. Begley was very informative and so easy to work with.”


“I enjoyed being able to share my passion with the people in Akron.”

Lessons Learned

The pre-event interviews (radio & newspaper) were helpful in promoting the event

Future Recommendations

Have celebrity for multiple days. Listen to what the promotor is saying in terms of their goals and demographics in order to select the best celebrity for their event